JM#031 – Robomatic

Robin Crafoord (aka Robin C, aka the Robin in Trulz and Robin) donned his Robomatic moniker to take us to the edge of this dimension through electronic music’s shadowy wormhole, Electro. An ardent purveyor of all things Electro, Robomatic is Robin’s exclusive outlet for this genre, which today is very hallowed ground for electronic music heads.

Artists from Kraftwerk to Drexiya and more obscurely Umwelt have all incorporated this style of music into their discography – some, like the latter more exclusively than others. Electro is the very fabric of electronic Dance music, its legacy ingrained in the origins of club music with the likes of Jeff Mills using it as that bridge between early Hip Hop and Detroit Techno. It’s often overlooked for it’s quirky and nerdy nature, where small labels and machine-enthusiasts like Luke Eargoggle churn out track after track for determined and loyalist fanatics.

In Oslo, Robomatic falls in both categories as a fanatic and a producer and enabler of the genre; our go-to-man whenever we want to travel through to the outer dimensions of clubland and into the uncharted territory of syncopated kicks and 808 machines coming together in the realms of sci-fi mysteries. Robomatic is the foremost expert in this field, mostly reserving his talent for his monthly Elektro Romantik events, which makes this edition of the Jæger mix very special indeed. Robin keeps his Robomatic interpretation broad and unbiased, which can include anything from Egyptian Lover to E.R.P, giving each track the necessary space to breathe before bringing the next in, introducing new atmospheres and tensions in the short space it takes to go from one track to the next. In Robin’s words; “Electro only works if you play it from start to finish” and he proves his point effectively this his edition of the Æmix setting a distinct mood in his picks that errs on the weirder, darker, more provocative side of electronic club music.