Skatebård – Live from Nightflight

There simply is no parallel for a night on the tiles with Skatebård. The Norwegian DJ’s amiable personality and sleuth-like musical indulgences has set him apart from contemporaries and propelled him to an international stage.

His innate musical instincts comply and test each dance floor he visits and even during a time when the dance floor has been replaced by tables and chairs he can still invoke the rhythmic impulses it desires.

Old friends and new acquaintances descended on Jaeger one Saturday in June to witness the DJ and local legend assume his position in the sauna, to brush off a few cobwebs and re-establish his craft after a substantial absence from the scene due to covid. What transpired was one of the best sets and nights we’ve had at Jaeger for a long time, and we were on hand to record the event.

With a mix that indulges the furthest reaches of Skatebård’s indelible presence and an energy that squeezes everything out of an electronic rhythm section,  Skatebård’s set brimmed with effervescent melodies and impulsive grooves. From the starry heights of spacedisco to the grimy depths of broken beats, Skatebård’s set touched on all the corners of the dance floor.

You can listen back to the mix in full now, and read an interview with the man behind the controls on the blog.