Stream Karima F’s Upperberry Vibrations mix

Affirmative Action resident Karima F headed over to Upperberry to record a mix. Acting on a very percussive tip, she laid down some incredible tracks from the likes of Pearson Sound, Lord of Isles and PLO man, with a slight nod in the direction of home too and the inclusion of Biosphere’s Patashnik. A very dynamic and versatile set, Karima F plays through genres and styles while keeping that incredible level of energy, we’ve come to know from her in the booth, prevalent throughout. She was kind enough to include the track list, and if you want to read more on Karima head over to our interview with her from last month.

Track List:
Parallax – DJ Sports
TX-ii [Tiny Bubbles] – PLO Man
Robin Chasing Butterflies – Pearson Sound
Midnight Express pt. 2 – J. Dahlbäck & J.L Huhta
B1 – Club No-No
No Single Thing – Hodge
Mido – Yak
Looks Like We’re Shy One Horse: Shoot Out – Colourbox
Nosema – Batu_music
Rave May Four – Lord Of The Isles
Patashnik – Biosphere
Regret – Shinichi Atobe
Open Back of the Meat Van – General Ludd
Down & Out – Flørist