SYNK – live from Frædag

Synk came prepared on the night, “hoping to play some electro/break-beat stuff” for the mostly seated patrons, but quickly realised that it wouldn’t work as an eager audience demanded something more energetic and the pair “jumped over to a House vibe.” Ida Stein and Naomi Camilla are SYNK.

The duo were our first guests back at Frædag, playing through an extensive catalogue of House-informed tracks for the seated audience. Bringing a distinctive vibe to the sauna melody and rhythm went hand in hand throughout the night as they acquiesced to the mood. At a time when you’d think slower tempos and reserved energies would prevail, an obvious desire for the sounds of a  dance floor undermined the situation and SYNK acquiesced with a set that felt both urgent and inviting. Melodic flickers from disco’s earliest influences charmed alongside pulsating rhythms that moved through Garage, Acid, House, Trance and Electro phases.

The mix is now available on all our channels and you can read an extensive interview with the Norwegian duo in Everything for the vibe over on our blog.