Musikkfest Playlist

A beautiful noise descends upon the city of Oslo this Saturday as Musikkfest 2018 commences. Countless stages and thousands of bands, DJs and artists represent the future sounds of the Norwegian capital. Everything from House to Metal acquires a stage at the various music venues and open public spaces that make up the city festival and every year were torn between acts, stages and venues to sustain our musical appetite.

As we trawl the endless stages with a plastic bag of warm beer, trying to navigate the incomprehensible Musikkfest guide we’re often left scratching our heads, resigning ourselves to a curb somewhere off Musikkfest watching some guy play an accordion.

Naturally, Jæger offers a stage too on this day, in fact we offer two stages with live music and DJ sets from some of the artists closest to us, which can in itself be a daunting prospect. This year we’ve got live sets from Finnebassen, Ost &Kjex, Mutual Intentions, Ja Azz, Marius Circus, and WHALESHARKATTCKS and DJ sets from G-Ha & Olanskii, Nils Noa, Helena Rickhard, Stine Amundsen, MC KAMAN, Spilt Melk and DJ Cesi across our two floors.

Luckily for us many of these artists and DJs have profiles on youtube, so we gathered all that we could find, and one MC Kaman easter egg in one handy playlist to peruse. DJ sets, recorded music and even live performances make up this Musikkfest 2018 playlist, which should make it somewhat easier to navigate Jæger’s program this year.