New dates for Jaeger’s Light technician course: club lights

Due to rescheduling, we have more spaces available for the light technician course.

Jaeger, with kind support from Kulturrom, are pleased to offer a six part crash course in club lights. The course will run across 5 days over the course of three weeks in May 2022. The course also includes a trial run at showtime on a following Friday at Jaeger in the winter/spring period.

The course is free, but spaces are limited. Spaces have opened up again after we have had to reschedule the course. 

Course days will run 10:00 – 16:00 with a lunchbreak. There are two course groups run on different dates as per below. The trial date run is across half a show during the night and paid accordingly.

The light course consists of six parts:

  1. Lights and GranMA. Basic introduction to GranMA wing and the house lights at Jaeger. Course day is run by Jaeger’s head light technician Eva Krpalkova
  1. Set-up and problem solving. Basic run through of how to set up lights in GrandMA, and how to problem solve DMX issues, lamp settings, issues with Hazer and so on. Course day is run by Eva Krpalkova.
  1. Video projection used as club lights. (visual content typical for concerts will not be covered here) Includes set-up, basic philosophy and the running of Resolume for the purpose. Course day is run by Are Kim Rønsen.
  1. Theory and application. What we want to achieve with the lights and the space in between. Different approaches and thinking around how lights best can create the club space and help fire up a dancefloor. Course day is run by Kyrre Karlsen from KyrreLys and Jaeger’s booking and managing director Ola Smith-Simonsen.
  1. Workshop. Open session with Kyrre Karlsen and Ola Smith-Simonsen.
  1. Trial run. Running half a night/show along with one of Jaegers house light techs.

Course dates:

Group 1 / Group 2

Course day 1 Monday 2nd May / Tuesday 3rd May

Course day 2 Wednesday 4th May / Thursday 5th May

Course day 3 Monday 9th May / Tuesday 10th May

Course day 4 Thursday 12th May / Friday 13th May

Course day 5 Thursday 19th May / Friday 20th May

Trial run date Agreed individually, but will be 2 hours during 23 – 03 on a Friday night in the following months.For more information or to apply for one of the two course groups please contact:

Ola Smith-Simonsen