New Norwegian Sounds by Olle Abstract

While most of us are still sleeping off our hangovers – this writer included – Olle Abstract has picked through new Norwegian music, and assembled some of the hottest new tunes coming your way in the very near future. It features a track from Øyvind Morken’s next release on Full Pupp, as well as Magnus International’s debut album on the same label. Both releases will make a big impression on the year, with Magnus’ debut album already turning a few heads way before it’s February release date. André Bratten’s hauntingly magnificent Cascade also makes and appearance here, and it comes a few weeks after his spectacular sophomore release ‘Gode’. There’s also a cut from the first Full Pupp split from Blackbelt Andersen and we definitely get the sense that there’s a theme to this selection, but new excellent tracks from Finnebassen and Niilas suggest this is not the Full Pupp special we think it is.