Norwegian artists remix Sex Judas

Dropping via Arildo Cymawax imprint today is a hefty onslaught of  Norwegian supreme producers remixing a bevy of Sex Judas’ finest works. Featuring Blackbealt Andersen, Magnus International, Charlotte Bendiks, Melkeveien, Human Inferno,  Arildo and Trulz & Robin, the remix package is a star-studded affair, with every artist leaving his/her own quirky imprint on the idiosyncratic music of Tore Gjedrem’s (Ost & Kjex) Sex Judas invention. “Monter Sur Le Cochon Norvégien N’est Pas Facile” (or getting on the Norwegian pig is not easy) is made up of new interpretations of previously released Sex Judas works like “My Girls” and “Big sex Thing” with Sex Judas riding shotgun as he hands the wheel over to some of Norway’s most enigmatic producers.

Memories of Magnus International’s extroverted SEXJUDASFUCKOFMIX playing in our backyard two years ago for Oslo Musikkfest are still fresh and hearing it on record for the first time, hasn’t softened any of its punch, while Blackbelt Andersen’s mix of “Salvador” suggests more is in fact more and adds to the dynamism of the original.  Trulz & Robin and Charlotte Bendiks in contrast, strip everything back to the bass lines and beat of “Everything Changes” and “Salvador” respectively, while Arildo and Human Inferno step completely off script with their psychedelic takes on “My Girls” and “Salvador”. There’s a little bit of everything here for anybody on this remix EP, and whole heap of pleasure to be gained from listening, especially  on the dance floor.