Øyvind Morken and Kaman Leung gets Tunnel Vision in new collaboration

Øyvind Morken brings Kaman Leung out of retirement with a track for a new Gravity Graffiti compilation.

Appearing alongside Telephones, DB Source and Acidboychair, Øyvind Morken and Kaman Leung team up for a trippy, early evening dance floor workout on Tunnel Visjon. It’s the first time since 2007’s “Lacrimal” to feature Kaman Leung’s credentials and apparently the first in a line of releases coming from the new duo.

You might have heard this one doing the rounds at Øyvind Morken’s Untzdag event already, drudging through the lower mids with a sticky sequential synth dotting the outer edges of the off-kilter percussion. Eighties  movie soundtrack synths coat the rest of the track, streaking through the atmosphere as melodic phrases weave their way around the percussion.

A clip of the track is streaming with others over on Gravity Graffiti’s soundcloud and you can pre-order the release via Juno.