Premiere: Carisma – Con Sombras (Charlotte Bendiks Remix)

Streaming on our blog today is the premiere of a “raw and direct” remix of Carisma’s Con Sombras from Charlotte Bendiks. The remix follows the Buenos Aires outfit’s debut album, “Gratis” on Dengue Dancing with Charlotte’s contribution appearing alongside Theus Mago (Mexico, Correspondant, Kill the DJ), Djs Pareja (Buenos Aires, Cómeme, Turbo), Ana
Helder (Rosario, Cómeme, Mustique) and Rous (Mendoza, Sanfuentes Records). Carolina and Ismael from Carisma “asked some friends and producers from different cities around the world to bring their magic touch to their favourite track. Each
musician from a diverse group of artists, featuring regularly in Carisma’s DJ sets, chose a track from the album, which Carisma split the remixes in a series of 3 EPs”, according to the Argentine duo.

Carisma and Charlotte enjoy a long-standing relationship and have in the past often shared a booth or a stage together, whether playing in Buenos Aires, Tromsø or Berlin. “Charlotte is a good friend of Carisma’s”, says Ismael who also suggests that “somehow these three producers and DJs have musically grown together.”

Charlotte Bendiks takes the full-bodied original of Con Sombras and peels the layers back to the bare bones, revealing a skeletal framework of percussion and the sequenced synth that’s at the bow of the original. Charlotte beefs up the percussion to where it takes centre stage and proffers a perfunctory role morphing the song into a DJ tool, without deadening the central appeal of the original’s abstract vocal or bass synth line. The original Con Sombras appealed to Charlotte for “the raw bass and the weirdo jacking feeling it had.” It offered something she could “understand emotionally” and allowed her to bring something of her own into it. She followed what she likes to call her “Sami Intuition” and the result was this Con Sombras remix we’re streaming today.

* Gratis Remixes is out on Dengue Dancing records on the 8th of December.