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Premiere: Mr Promising Start – Waffle of the Week (Video)

We get a sneak peak at Mr Promising Start’s next release and video, an anthem to waffle lovers everywhere.

Seth Raknes (Mr. Promising Start) is considered a waffle gourmand amongst close friends. His love of the Norwegian snack has even been a point of pride for the artist and now it has been immortalised in song as what can only be described as the first ode to the waffle. In his satirical way, Mr Promising Start, relays his love for the doughy treat through a bass-hugging club track. Euclidean snares and rolling drums provide the stark rhythmical background, while synthesisers chime and squawk intermittently throughout.

“It’s a straight up House track with a little bit of UK Funky and UKG references,” according to the artist and sees Mr Promising Start turn to the club floor after a debut LP that was more focussed on the listening experience beyond the club. His vocals are noticeably missing this time around as he focusses all his attention in exploiting that energy of a club sound system; his years of DJ experience coming to the fore.

the track is out today with a video and like the track, the video that follows adds a touch of humour to everything. Seth Raknes adopts an alternative persona a la Jamie Oliver, dancing and eventually eating his way through the waffle making process, replete with measurements and how-to tips for the ultimate waffle of the week.

Waffle Of The Week is the lead track of Mr Promising Start’s forthcoming EP Monetize Your Soul, also a cheeky reference to the artist “trying to sell-out.” It will be released exclusively on Bandcamp on June 7th (today!), with a full EP release on all platforms will occurring on June 21st via his label Laguna Luminosa. Watch the vidoe below:

Videographer: Henrik Johanessén
Art Direction: Eivind Sillah-Guhaugen (One More Thing)
Written, directed and edited by Mr Promising Start