Third Attempt int he studio

Premiere: Third Attempt – Hard Times (Part of the Journey)

We get a sneak peak at Hard Times (Part of the Journey), taken from Third Attempt’s upcoming LP, Momentary Bliss

Third Attempt is always busy. If he’s not on the cusp of some future release, he’s playing live. Any down time is given to music, and if he’s not working on his solo efforts, he’s working with the likes of Bugge Wesseltoft and Kristoffer Eikrem towards uncharted territory. He’s release schedule is intense and in the four years we’ve known him, he’s released as many albums.

His latest, Momentary Bliss finds him back at his second home on Beatservice Records with a record that continues to solidify the producer’s sound. Between elements of House, Soul and Jazz, Third Attempt’s music lives in the groove and thrives in the accessible where a vocal sample or melody often extends beyond the dance floor. Hard Times (Part of the Journey), which we get to premiere today, follows the formula expertly.

Synthesisers swell and crash into broken beats as a serene melody ripples through the track, punctuated by intermittent vocal samples that echo the song’s title throughout different phases. Reminiscent of that late nineties early naughts crossover LP’s like Moby Porcelain or Røyksopp’s Melody AM, revamped and updated for this generation.

We talk more about the influences and themes that inform this LP with Third Attempt as we get the first sneak peak at the new LP ahead of his upcoming release event and live show at Jaeger.

Ever since your first release as Third Attempt, you’ve been consistently active, releasing music at an incredible rate, even during the pandemic. Where do you find the creative inspiration to remain that busy? 

Practiced creative expression as a way of life for quite some time. Habits, taking myself more seriously and focusing on evolving as an artist has made everything less restricted. I work on my music in some shape or form pretty much every day.

I guess it’s somewhat apparent that I’ve shifted through a lot of genres. Emphasizing that I will continue to explore. It’s never comfortable or easy for me, but that’s why it never stops being fun either.

Are you simply releasing everything you make or what is your control process for releasing the tracks and albums?

The biggest factor is that I make a lot of music. Control process is that I try to pick out the best of them, trying to steer clear of irrational doubts in the process. Right, healthy amount of trust. But it’s a thin line. A lot of it will never see the light of day.

This is your third or fourth album (if you count the extended EP Dreams in Common). What does it take for an album like Momentary Bliss to come together? 

Fourth or fifth counting Dreams. 

I’ve always been a fan of the album format, even though it’s a bit less relevant now than before. Periods in life I’m spewing out more tracks than usual, often following change or new thought patterns. Getting a lot out of my own storytelling, trying to utilize that as much as possible. Momentary bliss is personal in that sense. 

What were some of the ideas or themes that gave birth to the LP?

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am somewhat of a romantic. So this LP is a project centered around my love for many things. Among them is dance music, together with feelings and reflections from a very special time in my life. Renewing my eye for beauty and uplifting expressions. 

It carries that distinctive Third Attempt sound, which moves between elements of Funk, Jazz and House music, but is there anything that went into this LP that was perhaps a little different to your previous releases?

Been listening to a lot of soul, blues, hip hop records. I guess in some way this music is flowing through me. Taking a lot of inspiration out of unknown territories and new angles. Contextualizing more through vocals and dialogue. Also leaning in and tightening my sample approach. 

Why did you choose Hard Times (part of the journey) for the premiere?

Conclusion of the record. Getting the feeling that it’s tying things together.

It reminds me a bit of Moby during his porcelain phase. Were there any direct influences from other artists or albums?

Inspired by all the greats from 90s early 00s. It’s the golden standard imo. Maybe obvious, but Melody AM is a big one, and always will be. 

Tell us a bit about the live show coming up. You’ve played a few times at Jaeger. How will this show be different and what has been the influence of this latest LP beyond the new tracks?

This time I’m playing down in the club, mostly new material plus bonus tracks. Tailored visual material to go with the music, projected. Bringing keys and two launchpads. Downstairs I haven’t done as much. Getting hyped about the sound system. Going to be great!

You’ve also played with Bugge Wesseltoft and Kristoffer Eikrem recently and are also primed to play a chill-out set later in November too. How are these sessions approached and is there something from those shows that feed into your normal shows?

Playing with Bugge and Eikrem was an upper to say the least. It’s out in entirety on Youtube for those who missed it! 

These sessions are much more improvised, slowing things down drastically. Performing music out of my downtempo catalog. Which I still focus on and have a lot of passion for. 

Keywords are more introspective, breathing room. Maintaining the TA sound and approach with visual aspect. I’m always trying to hit a point in between, but these gigs tend to lean more towards listening than dancing. 

If I know you by now, there’s probably more releases already primed. What else is up in the  future for Third Attempt. 

Next year I am setting up a Third Attempt band project! Very excited about that. Release-wise, I’m going to release on Paper Recordings early next year. Have a collab track lined up with Steve Cobby from Fila Brazillia. Doing a downtempo side project utilizing new AI technology and music. Recorded with Bugge Wesseltoft on this one. More on that soon.