Prins Thomas prepares for a night of dubby Techno(and related sorts…)

Prins Thomas shares some of his inspiration and thoughts about a new night kicking off at Jaeger this Wednesday.

As our soundsystem mutates, growing in the lower regions of the register, there’s a style of music that we’ve found accentuates the new sound perfectly. It’s called Dub Techno. A proper description remains as elusive as the genres that constitute its two parts. What exactly is Techno and what is dub music is as vast and all-consuming as the Saharan dessert, with variations like the grains of sands on the African continent, but when brought together, these two genres, begat a style all onto itself and one that has outlasted many other sub-genres.

Dub Techno is the product of the children of post-wall Berlin, born from Basic Channel, a record label and duo, that still lay claim to ownership of the genre. Since then it’s been repatriated by the original Detroit pioneers and presented the world over as an immersive alternative to the  industrialised onslaught of kick drums that still dominate the sound of Techno today.

In a new night coming to Jaeger, we’re paying homage to the style with Prins Thomas taking the helm this Wednesday from the sauna. We’re streaming the entire night via Mixcloud, and Prins Thomas is going in for the long haul to make a veritable night of the genre and its off-shoots.

“I’ve been wanting to do a sort of deep dive into the dubbier side of house and techno for a while,” says Prins Thomas, “playing a more monochrome set than what I usually do when the party gets going. Letting the records play, breathe and shine on their own terms… Saturday night and the urge to grab a disco classic or some uplifting rave pianos usually wins over going in deep like Costeau.

For this night, the effect and feel of the records trumps the actual genre they belong to so even though there’ll surely be records by both Oswald AND Ernestus played on this night do not be surprised by wildcards being thrown into the mix. Here is some inspiration that I might play:”