Proceeds from Frædag: Nastia directed to Red Cross Ukraine

Almost 50 000 kr in proceeds and donations have been sent to the Red Cross to go to the Ukraine.

We’re pleased to announce that nearly 50 000kr was raised during Friday the 25th of February, for an evening dedicated to the people of Ukraine. As the situation worsened in the Ukraine we decided to dedicate the night to the people who were trapped in the middle of this violent conflict.

Naturally we had to postpone Nastia’s visit on the night as she and her daughter fled to Poland, but we were eager to be able to do more than just watch as this unfolded. We took the decision to donate the proceeds from the door to the cause of the Ukranian people. On top of that, many people showed their support on the night and donated too, and we were able to raise nearly 50 000kr owith your help.

We were yet uncertain as to right organisation to direct these funds too,  but after an influx of suggestions and a broad search, we decided on the Red Cross in Ukraine. It is clear that they are facing an incredible humanitarian crisis and the Red Cross in the Ukraine is best situated and have already been hard at work since the start of the conflict providing humanitarian aid to innocent people caught in the middle of this war. We issued the funds to the Red Cross in Norway, who will distribute it directly to their Ukrainian franchise last week.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to everybody that made it out to this event and supported the cause in a very moving show of solidarity with the people of Ukraine. For those who donated extra on the door too, thank you very much. Thank you to everybody that sent in your suggestions for donations too.