André Bravo

Jaeger’s unwavering Monday night resident has been there since the beginning. Monday nights at Jæger have been an institution since Jæger first opened its doors, and as the keepers of our gate to the rest of the week, André Bravo maintains that institution week in and week out. André Bravo is a DJ with a dynamic and versatile palette. With sets that move from Deep House to Big Room Techno, he brings the energy and mood to Monday nights at Jaeger. As part of the original brokesteady crew, he helped establish Monday nights as a formidable clubbing experience in Oslo, and today André Bravo continues to carry that torch on Monday nights at Jaeger.  The energy of Mandagsklubben is unparalleled and whether its playing to an intimate, a cosy gathering in our backyard or the great sonic expanse of our basement, André  Bravo has ingrained Mandagsklubben into the Oslo psyche.