Det Gode Selskab

Det Gode Selskab are an Oslo DJ collective born out of the subterranean depths of a new underground. Thriving off the energy of the people on the dance floor, Det Gode Selskab are known for their potent and vivid events. Whether they are lurching under bridges, playing host to artists like Âme and Isolée or back in the comfort of their Sunday night residency at Jæger, Det Gode Selskab have an innate knack for igniting an incandescent spark on the dance floor, through the music of their peers.

Crowding around the three central figures, Solaris, Tod Louie and Phillip Hinz, Det Gode Selskab collective has expanded to include collaborators like A:G, Dandy Jack and Karl Fraunhofer, individuals that have made a sizeable impact on electronic music in the Norwegian capital and beyond. With a rotating rolodex on call, Det Gode Selskab’s events can go from hi-energy House to dark tumultuous Techno in the space of single a evening with thier determined focus always set on the dance floor.

Like the many faces of Dr Lau, Det Gode Selskab’s outward appearance shifts and modulates, between a festival, a travelling DJ collective and hosts, and a record label. 


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