Jaeger resident and Full Pupp mainstay, Ivaylo thrives in the kaleidoscopic hues of club music. Sets that traverse the deep recesses of House to the ephemeral heights of Techno, track a legacy of a producer and DJ who is a fixture in Oslo’s scene. A veteran of the dance floor, Ivaylo’s origin story tracks the beginnings of a burgeoning club music scene in eastern Europe.

Ivaylo’s obsession with music can be traced back to his upbringing in communist Bulgaria, where as a youngster he excelled on the drums and was fascinated by rare jazz tapes procured from unlikely sources.

From here, his sound quickly progressed to a more electronically-inclined one, as he turned his attention from rare jazz to Drum n Bass and eventually, House. Raised during a time long before the Internet, Ivaylo remembers hasking his friends to source him records from London and further afield over cracked telephone lines. Long since holding pride of place in his collection: these records set the musician on a path that continues to this very day.

As Bulgaria shook off the shackles of its communist sensibilities and became a republic, Ivaylo took to the beaches of his hometown in Varna and fell in love with the electronic club music sound floating over from the states. LTJ Bukem opened up this world for the nascent Bulgarian DJ, and when the first House club, Comics opened in post-communist Bulgaria, he became an essential member of the family as a programmer for the venue, booking the rising deep house stars from the states, a collection of producers and DJs who he would later call friends.

Today he calls Oslo home where he regularly displays his prowess in the booth as a Jaeger resident DJ and a producer, releasing records for the likes of Full Pupp, Mhost likely and his own Lab Cleaning Jams imprint. When he is not producing or playing music he is working behind the scenes as Jaeger’s official DJ host and label manager for Full Pupp and its various subsidiaries.