Johanne Barman

Johanne Barman has been a force in DJ booths across Norway since she took up the cause. Originally from the Norwegian electronic music capital, Tromsø, Johanne lives and works from Oslo today. 

She rose to prominence as a DJ after winning the Movida Corona DJ Competition in Norway in 2011 and finishing in the semi-finals for the international leg of the competition shortly after. “This was the start of my DJ-career, and a pivotal moment for me,” she remembers and it sets the tone for a career as a DJ that spans over a decade today.

A true facilitator, Johanne Barman is flexible in her approach, playing to the environment and the crowd. With a deep love of lounge, she feels at home playing sets for bars and restaurants, but when the situation calls for it, she is able to take it up a notch for peak time. 

She’s a formidable presence in the opening slot, having warmed up for the likes of the Chainsmokers, Don Diablo, Jeremy Olander, Datarock, Röyksopp and Reboot and she’s no stranger to the festival experience either with memorable sets from Skral Festival, 2016 and Polar Night Music Festival, 2017.

Her sets are deep, melodic, minimal and techy, with everything from earthy beats, to heavy tech informing her sets. She’s able to adapt to any situation and crowd, and go from establishing a dance floor to prime time in the midst of a Saturday night. You’ll find her on the bill for Nightflight most often, but she’s no stranger to other nights of the week at Jaeger. 


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