Olefonken is a musical savant. A musician, an artist, a producer, a DJ, a label owner and a promoter, he embraces and works in every faction of music. An eclectic soul, Olefonken’s rich biography is reflected in his work in the booth. A Norwegian who spent some time in Southern Africa, he inherited the vibrant colour of the African sonic palette. He first started making music, playing in various bands in school, and eventually formed hubbabubbaklubb. hubbabubbaklubb got a lot of early attention with their single Mopedbart, which they followed up in 2018 with the acclaimed LP, drømmen drømmerne drømmer. While working in that group Olefonken has concurrently established a career as a solo artist with two EPs Quaaludes and Till Hanne finding the ears of Norwegian listeners and audiences abroad. A drummer turned producer and DJ with an adventurous approach to music, Olefonken is a versatile DJ and has a singular approach to his craft. He plays every Friday as part of G-Ha & Olanskii’s Frædag ensemble and when he is not in the booth he is in the studio or in a record store.


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