Oyvind Morken

Øyvind Morken

Oslo`s Øyvind Morken (pronounced Oy-vind) has a unique ability to play everything from A to Z of what genres concern. Working the dance floor in the most unexpected ways. For the last ten years he has held down a residency at Jaeger. Drawing in a crowd of open-minded party freaks for nights of wild abandon, and where musical diversity and self-expression is encouraged. Gigs also appeared all over Europe and in Asia. And there are productions taking up catalog space on such diverse labels as Moonlighting, Full Pupp, Mysticisms and Gravity Graffiti. There was also Road Trippin, a cassette mixtape on L.I.E.S. Records.

“When I was 15 I was fired from my local youth club for not following the rules when DJing, Not much has changed since then” – Øyvind Morken


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