Simen and records

Staff Picks – Simen Tennøy

In a new concept, we take a staff member record shopping for new records to add to our shelf.

After two years of no new additions to our record shelf, we’ve become a bit tired of the records that stayed in rotation, while the records themselves have become just little overplayed. It was time for some new music and with new additions to our staff, tastes have changed too. But we couldn’t just get new records, we wanted to make a song and dance, and with this comes a new feature for the blog.

The concept? It’s simple: We take one of our staff members record-shopping and afterward we sink into the chesterfields to have a chat while we listen to our latest acquisitions. 

Our first guest is Simen “Lorenzo” Tennøy. Simen has been a barman at Jaeger since pre-pandemic times and has now assumed the assistant manager role. When he is not at Jaeger, he is an eclectic music fan and you can either find him at one of Oslo’s many forest raves or playing bass and keys in his band, The Eternal Page. 

Yes, he’s in a band and yes they are very good. A psychedelic rock ensemble, The Eternal Page is about to record their debut LP and Simen says they’ve got one song down and about nine to go. With that in mind we drop the needle on the first record, and delve into Simen’s selections. 

Molly Nilsson – Extreme


How did you come across Molly Nilson?

She’s a Swedish artist living in Berlin, and while I was living there, she was playing a DJ set in a bar alongside my appartement. I randomly passed by and I really liked her music. A few months later she was playing before mgmt and I saw her live. Since then, I’ve really been fascinated with her music. She has eight albums already. 

What do you like about it?

It’s darker but it’s pop music. Eighties vibes. It’s a bit cold. I’ve seen her live a couple of times.

You also picked a Depeche Mode record. Do you like that 80’s synth music?

I guess. It’s dancy and it’s pretty dark. It’s just something I’ve liked since I was a teenager, darker synth pop music from the eighties. 

So you grew up listening to that stuff?

Not much before I was 18. I discovered OMD and Gary Numan and I went deeper into the genre. 


Depeche Mode – Construction Time Again


How did you come across this record?

Randomly. I play a bit of synth music. I think I found it on Spotify. 

Why this particular Depeche Mode LP? 

It’s one of the bigger albums from that period. I think everybody should have a copy of this album. There’s a few songs I really like on this album. I’ve been listening to it here and there. 

What music were you listening to before your teenage years?

I grew up listening with my dad listening to a lot of Pink Floyd and Rock music, 80’s Rock bands. I think my first CD was MGMT, Oracular Spectacular. And then I started going into psychedelic Rock. My father had this Pink Floyd live record for ‘67 which started it. 

And you were playing guitar at that point?

I started playing guitar, because I wanted to play MGMT. And then I bought a keyboard to play “kids” or “time to pretend” from MGMT. I would play alongside the songs in my bedroom.  

And how did you start playing with your band, The Eternal Page?

I worked with one of the guys and they needed a new bass player. I had a session with them and it worked out. I’ve always wanted to be in a band. There aren’t that many psychedelic rock bands in Norway. 


  Velvet Underground


I assume this Velvet underground record is a familiar favourite for the Eternal Page. 

Yes, we’re all inspired by this record.

Do you have a favourite song on this record?

Yes, Venus in Furs. Run run run is also very good. I like all the songs, so it’s pretty hard to pick. 

I’ve always liked Nico’s voice on the record. 

It’s pretty dark. I think it’s one of the best records from ‘67, because it’s so different from anything else that was released in that year. It’s from the east side of New York, which is not quite Punk, but almost. I think this is the beginning of it, but still it’s in the category of psychedelic rock. 

There’s never been a band that sounded like this after either.

They had their own sound. I tried to listen to it a few times, and then I was suddenly, fuck this is really good.