Who are Sweaty Palms?

Some have credited the moisture in the air in Oslo to change of seasons, but we know the real reason everything has started getting a little wetter this week. Sweaty Palms are coming to town and that dampness you’ve been feeling in the air all week is just them making their presence felt before their official Natt & Dag Norwegian launch. Recently they’ve been spotted in the basement bars of Berlin and on the shores of Panama, living it up on a banana boat made of shellac with the sound of uncompromising House and Techno blasting from her bow. Some have accused the DJ duo of being the source of the recent leak of sensitive documents, while others suggest it was all just a ruse to distract the Norwegian authorities from their imminent arrival. All we know is that they are coming to town so we sent out a carrier pigeon to their boat with some topics of discussion, in the hope that we can find out a little more of who they are and what exactly makes their palms perspire.

An introduction to Sweaty Palms

Sweaty Palms would not have existed hadn’t it been for the excellent show Rick & Morty, which is the sole reason for the foundation on which Albrecht and Karima’s friendship is built. Discovering a picture on Instagram of Karima wearing a t-shirt from the show, Albrecht was so amazed and intrigued by Karima’s devotion to what happens to be his favourite TV show show, he couldn’t resist inviting her to play with him at about:blank in Berlin. The invitation from the experienced label boss and DJ auteur left her startled and, as the name implies, with Sweaty Palms. They’d barely exchanged words with each other when they met for the gig, but faith had it that they were a perfect match musically and so they decided to form an union.

Berlin and Oslo

We’re currently living in Dresden, but commuting between Albrechts hometown and Panama City for leisure reasons.

Sweaty palms vs Hairy palms – what’s in a name.

Neither of us have particularly hairy palms, unless you look really closely – then you can see that Albrecht has little stubs of what might be mistaken for hair. It’s actually vinyl residue from playing so many years in various clubs like Robert Johnson, Panorama Bar, TBA, or about:blank.

DJs with the sweatiest palms – Influences and aspiration

Influences: mind-expanding M&M’s, bus ticket’s to heaven and ski slopes.

A guide to drinking with sweaty palms. (Because I imagine it would just slip out of your hand)

Drinking with us can be a bit of a mess. None of us are particularly good at opening the mouth to the extent which is needed to direct liquid from the glass to the esophagus, therefore we spill a lot of drinks both on the floor and ourselves. It’s not a good look, but the more we look in need of help and care from grown ups, the more impressive our DJ-sets seem.

Favourite dance floors from around the world for sweaty paws.

Flooded bathrooms and pongy backstages

Digging for records with sweaty palms.

When not playing records from one of the labels Albrecht manages – Shtum, Uncanny Valley or Rat Life – we always dig in the cheap bins. Our favourite record stores are zippyshare, wetransfer and soulseek.

Playing Jæger with sweaty palms.

We’re gonna give away drinking tickets to the audience, accept all requests and ignoring closing times.