The Cut with Filter Musikk

Navigating the maze in Filter Musikk every week we head straight to a special pile next to Roland Lifjell’s desk every Friday. These are the freshest records to arrive in Oslo. Not to be mistaken for the new arrivals, these are the new-new arrivals, the records that haven’t yet been sorted into their dedicated sections.

In a new segment for the Jæger blog, Roland Lifjell gives us priority and lets us pick our favourite releases of the week in the Cut with Filter Musikk. These are the 12 inches and EPs that will undoubtedly be making an impression in DJ sets in the near near future and the records you didn’t know you wanted to hear.  

Marius Circus – Had No Clue (In The Garden)

Marius Circus has been consistently carving out a distinctive sound on his records over the past few years. The Oslo native has been going it all alone, releasing music exclusively on his own imprint, In The Garden. That level of artistic freedom has delivered some of the most endearing cosmic synth works for the dance floor, which he’s brought to life on the stage recently with a live show.

“Had no Clue” doesn’t mess with the tried and tested formula he has established in the studio through the label. The title track adds layer upon layer without getting bogged down, with the rhythm section adding a functionality to the submersive sonic layers he synthesises. The B-side, “Tyst” expounds on the very same principles, but slows the tempo down to lethargic 112BPM. Mr. Circus’ production adds a depth and space to club music that sucks the listener into some ethereal dreamscape on this release.

Bjørn Torske – Kickrock / Blue Call (Smalltown Supersound)

Accompanying the release of the album, Byen this week is this 12” from Bjørn Torske via Smalltown Supersound. “Kickrock” and “Blue Call” follow the sound of the album, but steps up the pace to peak time on the dance floor.

Looping themes imbed themselves like an earworm, while Torske’s vivacious percussion keeps the adrenaline high. From the sonic collapse of “Kickrock” to the jazzy improvisation of “Blue Call”, there’s something that completely lives in the moment in this new music from Torske.

DJ Overdose – Wires Smoking (L.I.E.S. (Long Island Electrical Systems))

DJ Overdose is back on L.I.E.S after a sojourn on Unknown to the Unknown. His releases offer a darker edge to Electro, and completely feels at home here on Ron Morelli’s label. In “Wires Smoking” he provides four DJ tracks that combine contrapuntal percussive arrangements with menacing layers of synthesisers. Textures ooze provocatively over the industrial pounding of drum machines that aggressively confronts the listener. There’s a physicalness that even now, listening to it at home, pulls and pushes at your instinctive primal tendencies. We challenge you to remain stationary while listening to the provocative electro beat of “Dark Spectre Echo”.

Various – Studio 89 Records 002 (Studio 89 Records / S89002)

The second release from this burgeoning UK label has established something unique through the distant and faint sound of an eighties, New Beat palette. Following on from Disco tendencies of the first release, Studio 89 turn to a more synthetic sound on this second compilation.

Untitled tracks featuring unknown artists are compiled in a sympathetic relationship to each other. Big beat percussive arrangements make this the most DJ friendly release and combine them with elements of EBM and synthwave. The A-side samples D.A.F as an honorary ode to the German band, that surely influenced and inspired the artist.

Everything about Studio 89 is so well executed, from the music to the cover art and this liner note: “Hotline number: +44 776593 8693 We are back, we are licentious, we are rough and ready with Studio 89’s second release… ready to spread into a clubhouse near you. A sizzling charge of hot and heady lust. Sexy beats for you fancy freaks. We are your ship master, cruise with us into the depths of your dreams.”

This is definitely a label to watch out for in the future.

Artefakt – Falling Into The Light (Delsin)

Delsin, the Amsterdam label, is nothing but consistent, and have carved out a niche sound over the years through Techno. Breathy pads and four-to-the-floor productions have provided a fair share of memorable moments in DJ sets, and here Artefakt doesn’t mess with that perfection.

The Dutch electronic music duo keep it functional on “Falling into the Light” with tight percussion arrangements anchoring swirling textures. Lucious pads fill the arrangements with punchy kicks and snappy snares cutting through the mix over the three three tracks with the obvious highlight coming in on the B-Side with the ten-minute long title track.