Photo by Johannes Krogh

Ukraine DJ Marathon fundraiser update

The Ukraine DJ marathon raises over 10 000kr for Musicians Defend Ukraine

We’re happy to announce that we raised 11 800kr in ticket sales and donations for the Musicians defend Ukraine foundation during last month’s Ukrainian DJ marathon. We flew in some of Ukraine’s established and unknown Techno and House talents for a night that marked the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the start of this war.

Stanislav Tolkachev, Nastya Muravyova, Danilenko, Serge Jazzmate, Pavel Plastikk and human margareeta showed a united force from our two floors for a night that we won’t forget anytime soon. A special thanks to Pavel Plastikk for helping us put this event together and Serge Jazzmate for letting us interview him on the blog, even as he deals with the realities of living in Kyiv right now.

Thank you to everybody that came out to this night and the people that donated.