picture of Nastia

Update on Nastia

***Update*** As of yet we’ve not had any contact from Nastia or her agent. We know from her social media profile that she is currently in Poland and safe, but our knowledge is limited to that for the moment. Our thoughts are with her, her family, her friends and all the people in Ukraine during this very dark hour for the world. 

We’ll be dedicating the evening to the people of Ukraine and all PROCEEDS FROM TONIGHT WILL GO TO A YET-TO-BE-DETERMINED CHARITY.

In the event she’s unable to make it tonight, we’ll POSTPONE NASTIA’s visit to an unknown future date. In that case all tickets will be valid for this future date. If you’d still like to cancel your ticket, please contact us via info@jaegeroslo.no BEFORE WEDNESDAY, THE 02.03.2022. All refunds will be reimbursed in full via ticketco. If Nastia does arrive the event will go ahead as scheduled.

Regardless, the rest of Frædag will go ahead as planned. Prins Thomas pres. Serenity Now! will continue in our gården with Øyvind Morken in Diskon. It doesn’t seem like much of a reason for a celebration, but we’ll dance in a show of solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

There will also be an option to make further donations on the door tonight.