Welcome our new resident – DELLA

It gives us great pleasure to present to you Jæger’s new resident, DELLA. Kristina Dunn, formerly of No Dial Tone, assumed the DJ moniker DELLA for a solo career two years ago, extending back to her roots in the USA where she went from the floor of early US rave culture to the booth in one fluid movement. She carries that quintessential attitude of a dancer with her as she traversed from the west coast, playing alongside the likes of Doc Martin and Brett Johnson, to Oslo where she’s accompanied everybody from Ellen Allien to Seven Davis Jr. in the booth.

A regular feature at Jæger on the dance floor and a most frequent guest DJ, DELLA’s residency at Jæger is mere formality, and the DJ assumes a position that she was born to occupy. In the booth we’ve come to know DELLA for House, remaining close to its Chicago, New York and Detroit roots, foregoing nostalgia in favour of a contemporary sound, her focus never wavering from the dance floor.  In many ways she embodies exactly the entire concept of Jæger’s intentions to uphold the roots of this music in a modern context. 

The residency, which starts this Saturday with the first event Dellas Drivhus will undoubtedly emphasise those characteristics that make up the DJ: her early experiences listening to Halo, Hipp-e, Jenö, Garth, Heather, Doc Martin, Frankie Knuckles, Derrick Carter, Dubtribe Sound System, and Mark Farina; her West Coast influences, where she first cut her teeth as a DJ; and her work as a DJ and an artist working out of Oslo. Her recorded works have found love on labels like Classic, Apollo Music Group, and Paper Recordings, and she’s worked with artists like Justin Harris and De Fantastiske To, sharing a proximity to many prominent artists and DJs in Oslo and the states.

It is rumoured that DELLA will be joined by a few of these artists and DJs during her residency, but who they might be is still very unclear. With that and a few other burning questions, we sent over an email to DELLA for a little more insight on just what her residency might entail. Welcome, DELLA.

I feel like saying (insert bad imitation of Marlon Brando) “welcome to the family”, but that doesn’t sound quite right, because you’ve been an integral part of Jæger as a regular guest for some time. What does the residency cement for you that might have not been there before?

Hehe, yes sometimes it is confusing who are the actual residents and who just plays regularly as a guest. I have been playing Jæger regularly since the opening, but as a guest not as an official resident. It was a real honor when I was recently asked to become one. Officially representing Jæger as a resident DJ is a great accomplishment for me in my career, and I believe it will open more doors along this crazy journey as an artist. Jæger is like a second home for me, so when I was asked to join the other incredibly talented DJs, and the rest of the team, it felt like a perfect match. I already felt great pride as an Oslo DJ for our gem of a club that has established itself internationally for being one of the best clubs in Europe. I mean, who can complain about a custom-built DJ booth, impeccable sound, and weekly line-ups with the best of the best? We are incredibly spoiled. Also, the dedication that Jæger gives to our dance music community in Oslo is something to be really proud of, and I am happy to have been asked to help lead our community forward by being a representative of the club.

What will a residency allow for you that you might not have been able to do as a guest?

I will have the opportunity to bring in artists that I admire and respect. For me personally as a DJ, I will gain more skills by having the chance to play regularly in the magical spaceship.

What does the term residency define for you today in general?

A representative of the club as a DJ both here at home in Oslo and internationally.

Tell us a bit about the concept of your night.

My concept is called Dellas Drivhus and will be launching on 06.05.17. (Drivehus means Greenhouse for those non-Norwegian readers.) The concept will showcase House DJs who are both up and coming and those who are founders of our movement. It will combine the sounds of the new and the classics of House music (all genres). The name itself is stemmed from the root of club music, House, born from Disco, and the primal dance, sound, and vibration of the drum. It is also in connection to the nature that grows and gives us life. House music for me is one of the greatest gifts of life. It creates a safe place for us all to unite where we can enjoy pure self expression and freedom together through song and dance. That is what this music is all about.

I imagine that the night will have quite a Stateside focus through your early roots and what we’ve heard from you as a guest,  but can you go into the details of the music you’ll be bringing?

Jæger and I are only in the development stages of the concept. From my roots being from America (the birthplace of House), yes there will probably be much American influence, but as we all know House is feeling, not a border issue. I will be booking talent alongside myself that give pure dedication to the dance floor and the music that drives it.  

If there were a track that could sum up your night, what would it be?

Music is the Answer (Danny Tenaglia’s Tourism Mix) – Danny Tenaglia feat. Celeda

Ola was talking about guests. Will you be inviting a few people to play with you and can you mention any names yet?

I can not mention any names yet, but let’s just say the list is a good one.

You’ve released a bit of music recently too, will there be more to come in the near future and will we be hearing more of your own music at your residency?

Yes, since going solo after No Dial Tone two years ago I have had several successful releases, and yes you will definitely be hearing more from me in the future. I have some secret projects in the works right now and am looking forward to getting these out. Dellas Drivhus will surely be playing DELLA from time to time.  

You know on Saturdays requests often happen because of the MC Kaman show on the other floor. What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever received?

First of all, NO ONE should make a request to a DJ. The DJ is hired for a reason, they are the DJ. The club is not a wedding reception. But with that said, I thankfully can not remember the name of the song of the worst request I’ve had. Let’s just say it had the word porn in the title.   

Play us out with a track, please.

My favorite jam ATM: ‘Mr. Wu’ – Lewis Beck on Audiophile Deep

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