Oyvind Morken

Fab 5 with Øyvind Morken

Øyvind Morken digs through his bag of tricks for a dose of fab 5 from his expansive and eclectic collection.

Frædag resident and digger-selector extraordinaire, Øyvind Morken has a record bag like Pandora’s box. It’s bulging at the seems with the eclectic sounds of a self-diagnosed schizophrenic DJ. It’s a journey through music only the bravest would dare attempt to venture. Every Friday (and some other days) he assembles this vast discography into a diatribe in a stream of conscious only he understands. Connecting dots from the extensive spectrum of “dance music” he delivers his esoteric groove on to the world to facilitate the impulses of the dance floor.  Here are 5 records into the event horizon of Øyvind Morken’s record bag.

ps… Øyvind Morken and Kaman Leung present their debut record as Wild Flowers  next week at Jaeger.

Plaid – Anything

Crazy breakbeat idm or whatever trend you want to call it this week music. Totally separates the dance floor when I play it when I DJ. It usually gets all the right people on the floor, and all the wrong out the door. Perfect. 


Dez Williams – Abort Task

From the super underrated album Elektronik Religion comes this shuffle-y synth work out, full off emotions.It  just makes you want to cry, beautiful and powerful stuff. 


Klaus Nomi – Icurok

I see you are Ok – No you can’t be when you made something like this, Klaus. Totally spaced out art-funk-opera-proto-techno from 1983. 


Attica Blues – Blueprint (Slakked Plastik Remix)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. This though, is Riche Hawtin at his best. Spitting out a heavy drum workout that just rips it up. It will unite techno and hip-hop heads. 


Tilt – Seduction Of Orpheus (Tilt’s Mythology Mix)

Progressive House, not much of that stuff was very progressive. This however, Was/Still is. Spooky Orchestral samples and dialogue sample nicked from Jean Cocteau’s film Orpheus, are perfectly mixed with heavy heavy tribal drums. And it has the best sped down section on a dance record since Lil Louis`french Kiss, complete with a tripped out acid line that rides a nasty groove. Feels like the shark from jaws  coming at you when it speeds up again and goes into full on tribal mode.