A:G The Nose (DGS001) is out now

A:G’s The Nose and the debut release from the newly established Det Gode Selskab label hits record shelves this week.

Pressed on 18og vinyl,  the release marks a new and exciting chapter for Det Gode Selskab crew. Jæger’s Sunday residents have long been the purveyors of a good time in the city, and they’ve taken it to its natural conclusion this week with DGS001, their first release as a label, featuring A:G.

The Sunkissed and Villa resident delivers a soulful tech track, with a vague rhodes piano, musing vacantly through a planted four on the floor rhythm section. Karl Fraunhofer, Tod Louie and Solaris take the track further to the centre of the dance floor, stripping it back to a functional monster that runs away at a more excessive pace. DGS also call on German producer and DJ Dandy Jack for his interpretation, who like the DGS boys, opts for a view from the booth.

The Nose is the first in a series of records from DGS that will look to “tickle the senses” as they go from a DJ collective, promotors and Jæger residents to record label. You can pick up a copy of The Nose from Juno now.

* Det Gode Selskab play every Sunday at Jæger.