Antony Mburu and Rolf Riddervold present Rhythm Dynamics

Antony Mburu and Rolf Ridderlvold are no stranger to Jaeger’s booth. The longtime friends can readily be found in the booth and on the dance floor on any given night at Jaeger. Fans of the music first and foremost, they carry that spirit over from the dance floor to the booth, with a special camaraderie forged in time and defined by a curiosity for outlier beats. Their infectious energy and appreciation is only matched with their sincere and individualist approach to music. 

The duo have been regular fixtures in the booth for Wednesdays at Jaeger, imbibing the spirit of Øyvind Morken’s original Untzdag concept, bearing the torch for that eclectic sound for the next generation. Sets that walk a wide path through “club music” accompanied by an adoration for the vinyl format, have seen Rolf Riddervold and Antony Mburu establish a reputation for a dynamic and rhythmic sound. 

After a little over a year of playing together at Jaeger they’ve decided to finally baptise their efforts as such with a night called Rhythm Dynamics. They officially launch the new residency today, cementing the DJ duo on Wednesdays at Jaeger and looking toward an established future event. We sent them a quick email to find out more about the night, their history together and their ambitions for Rhythm Dynamics.   

Tell me about Rhythm Dynamics. What’s the idea behind the name and the concept?

Through the years of sharing music we’re still developing our taste. Both Rhythm and Dynamics are important to our sets to keep it interesting. 

You’ve been playing together for a while now, why did you guys decide to baptise it officially?

We’ve had the idea to conceptualise our nights at Jaeger for a while. Given the opportunity, we found something that unites us. 

How did you first meet? 

High School. 

What was the catalyst that made you decide to start DJing together? 

Sharing music, then the opportunity to mix it on proper equipment. 

Did you guys have similar tastes in music when you started, or was there an evolution to a point where your tastes converged?

We converged early but still have our distinct music styles. 

If you were to imagine handing over to the other in the middle of a set, what would the perfect crossover track be between you at the moment?

Maybe one of the tracks  from Dan Lissvik’s Midnight. 

How has DJing together affected either of your approaches to playing out?

A back to back set always inspires and makes us more playful. 

What influence does Jaeger have on your sets that you haven’t experienced elsewhere? 

Jaeger has a more open audience that makes us feel free to take chances that we can’t always do elsewhere. 

Is there any point at which you guys completely disagree on a style or sound?

Yes, and then we fight about it. 

Rolf, I know you are also a sound engineer and dabble in production too, but Antony do you have any other musical indulgences or future ambitions beyond Djing?

Not right now, but I have some edits in mind. 

What track is going to kick off the first Rhythm Dynamics at Jaeger?

A great one, come listen. 

How do you hope the night goes and what are some of your aspirations for it?

We can’t ask for more than a playful vibe, to show you what Rhythm Dynamics really is about. Good times and good music.