Fab 5 with Øyvind Morken

Yes folks, here is another go at spreading the gospel of some records that I love away from my weekly spot in the sauna or in the booth down in the basement. Peacefrog Records used to be one of my favorite labels when I was in my early twenties. And I thought I would highlight some of the reasons why. Ps… Yes I know Peacefrog’s operations are questionable with re-issuing records behind the artists backs. But I still hold these old records dear to my heart. 

Luke Slater – Inductive Channels

Such a beautiful piece of emotional techno music from the punisher himself, Planetary Assault Systems‘ Luke Slater. On a totally different vibe than his usual brutal stuff. 


Glenn Underground – May Datroit

I just can’t stand the gospel house that GU sometimes makes, but this is just out of this world. Proper Detroit Techno that’s not from Detroit. Gives me goose bumps thinking back to 10 years ago when I started DJing on Wednesdays at Jaeger. This would feature heavily and would tear the roof off. Or should I say tear the awning way in the backyard. 


Stasis – Mnemic Image

So good. Stasis made so much good stuff around this time. I think it was Gatto Fritto who referred to this type of British techno as Romantic UK Techno, which I think suits it much better than IDM, or deep techno etc. Late night/early morning vibes. 

  Robert Hood – Who Taught You Math

It’s funny how some moments stay with you for the rest of your life. In 2004/2005 I had a weekly Thursday night residency at a really small dirty smelly tiny little club called Sikamikanico. It was frequented by speedfreaks, gangsters, outcasts and also a decent amount of people interested in music. A real shit hole, but also something that is totally missing in Oslo’s night life these days. It was great, and also at the time, one of the few music focused clubs. I will never forget the face and moves of some of those freaks when this got dropped. 

Recloose – Dust 

Finishing off in a lighter mood with one of the newer things I bought from Peacefrog. 

Joe Dukie from Fat Freddy’s Drop on vocals on this modern boogie monster. Super uplifting and should have crossed over to the pop charts just on the fact alone of how good it is. From the great vocal and lyrics to the amazing production and musical craft.

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