Back 2 Back – Vinny Villbass & Perel

Vinny Villbass and Perel have an instinctive musical bond whenever they step into the booth together. Whether they’re playing Farbfernseher in Berlin or Jæger in Oslo, there’s a complimentary connection that runs through their selections and can go from House and Disco… to Metallica? Yes, Metallica. The quirky DJ pair are devoid of any pretence and the music, whether rock or disco always remains at the centre of their focus. Vinny from Oslo and Perel in Berlin, have created yet another connection between these two cities and one can often be heard in the other’s neighbourhood. Perel recently joined Vinny in Jæger’s Sauna booth, for the last outing in our courtyard before we moved in for winter, going back 2 back for a dual birthday bash the entire night. It’s a session that we didn’t want to have come to such an immediate conclusion, so with the aftermath of their double-birthday wearing off we got the two DJs to ask each other some questions, while you listen back to the mix. 

Vinny Villbass: That was one hell of a double b-day party last saturday. Have you recovered?

Perel: No! I’m sick, haha. Always a good sign. Anyway, we found out that we have a lot of mutual favourite tracks on saturday! I don’t mean „hits“ –  i mean like real pearls! Could you pick one of these out of our recording and explain why this is a „pearl“?

VV: Good sign indeed, been struggling to reach for my coffee mug as well this week. Well, I guess the jingly circus percussion and happy major melodies of “Sun My Sweet Sun” by Red Axes is one of those recent pearls at least. You can only have so much of escapism, sometimes you just need a straight up party track that shakes your belly. Lots of dancing in the booth on saturday btw. Why do you think some djs don’t dance?

P:That’s a really good question indeed! Sometimes it’s difficult when you play vinyls and the booth is small. But for the rest it might be simply a matter of personality…

My feet automatically start to move when I dj. 

So VinnyVinnyVinny, what makes a good dj to you?

VV: I guess someone who dares to take risks. Honestly, most dj´s really bore me. After the usb-revolution, everyone seem to call themselves djs, and very few knows anything about dynamics. So i prefer going to LIVE-shows …or a bloody good warehouse-rave or an intimate basement house party. Am i getting old?? Let’s not have any more birthdays…  

Did you hear any crazy good dj sets lately? Somebody i should check out maybe?

P: Check yourself Vinny! No honestly, your vinyl-only set at Farbfernseher (Berlin) in August was one of the best I’ve ever heard! The whole package – your music selection and your technique you play with vinyls was just amazing! Besides that I see a lot of really good female djs coming up currently! Check the roster of “MInt Berlin“! What’s on your schedule next? Any new releases or big things in the making?

VV: Hehe. I take politeness to honesty any day, so thanks. I’m still remembering your amazing energetic set at the Bossanova in NYC last year, so right back at yaa!!!

Just in the studio finishing some tracks for Paper Recordings. Bought my first paper vinyl back in 1999, so really happy to be releasing on the label. Hey, congrats with your new record “Amin” with Moscoman! Nice stuff!! But one last thing, when are we gonna do a Metallica remix split? We do have ze punk faktor! JAA?

P: All the time Vinny! I think this is THE perfect Xmas present for our audience. So stay tuned – Something big is coming up in December!

VV: moahahahaa… Winter is coming!