Do you believe in ghosts – Hubba interviews Prins Emanuel.

Do you believe in ghosts – Hubba interviews Prins Emanuel.

This Saturday sees those rascals from Hubbas klub return to Jæger with a string of friends in tow for what promises to be pure unadulterated fun, if their previous exploits are anything to go by. They’ve called on a few of their favourite artists for the event, which launches new clothing label, Duo of Duck, and we sent Hubba’s main instigator, Morten Skæveland to interview Prins Emanuel ahead of the event. The conversation starts with breakfast, what else…

We start with the most important meal of the day. What is your favorite thing for breakfast?

Eggs florentine, omelets, shakshouka – all together. Not kidding. And bloody marys.

Tell us about the Malmö scene.

There isn’t really a Malmö scene, or, you could say it’s very very small.
Unfortunately, there’s not really any functioning meeting place for like-minded people. However, there is some great talent in Malmö, both with DJs, artists and producers (you know who you are!).

There is a lot of sounds from nature in your songs Why? Are you fond of nature?

Yes, of course. Especially Ivar. He looks like what we in Sweden call a Skogsmulle. The sounds from nature are also very atmospheric.

We’ve heard rumors about Malmö’s Sergio Rizzolo booking Andras Fox to play in his living room a couple of years back. Are the rumors true? Were you there?

Yes, it was a really nice smoky bed room gig. Maybe 30 people in his apartment, some snacks, beers and a casual hangout. Nothing fancy. Andy visiting us in fall almost seems to be a tradition now, he’s here at the moment. We’re going for a sauna soon.

You played at the Apple Flower festival, a festival hubba has also known to frequent. What was your experience of the festival?

It was amazing. We had a super drunk Moonboots constantly doing shananegans around us. Beautiful! And scary!

There’s a Golden Prinz record! Please tell.

Well. It’s been in the “idea phase” for quite some time now. But it is slowly coming together. It will be 100% party trax, boozy and hazy.

What can we expect from your set on Saturday?

We’re bringing a drum machine, an MPC, a synthesizer and a delay pedal and we will try to make it as exciting and stupid as possible. In the record bag is, as usual equal parts soca bangers, South African and West African stuff, leftfield disco and boogie.

And most importantly: Do you believe in ghosts?