Six of the best from O/E

*Photo by Danby Choi

Following a brief stint in Berlin, where he played for the likes of Tresor, we find O/E back on home turf, alongside DJ Nuhhh for this week’s instalment of Retro. Jaeger’s own shadowy Techno figure, who you’ll often find lording over the mixing desk downstairs, takes a step into the limelight on this occasion and adopts his natural position, in front of the crowd, behind a set of turntables. O/E’s career as a producer and DJ has found some affinity with the darker side of electronica through synth wave and EBM and it’s something that comes across in his regular darkroom residencies at The Villa, where you’ll regularly find some of Berlin’s best put it in appearance. And while these influences, and those recently acquired from the German metropolis, will most likely be infiltrating his Retro set, there’s a remarkable history that also needs to be accounted for. With that in mind we asked the DJ and producer to take a step,  rewind, and give us taste of the past and pick some of his favourite dance floor classics…

The Flirts – Passion

O/E Says:
“This is a classic Bobby Orlando-produced Hi-NRG/Disco track. I could listen to the main hook lead for hours! The synth-riffs and the typical 80s walking-bass makes this track perfect.”


Sandra Plays Electronics – Her Needs 

O/E says:
“Also known as Regis, this is a beautiful, post-punk influenced, minimal wave piece.”


Brand Image – Are you Loving

O/E says:
“Italo disco at its best! The magic with this track is its bass line, which is so out of sync its just amazing. The song has a really nice chorus and a hi-hatless killer 80s beat. Also notice the out of tune synth lead.”


Front 242 – Masterhit

O/E Says:
“Front 242 is one of my all time favourite acts. I tend to change which is my favourite track of theirs all the time, since they have really different sounding era´s – Early 80s, late 80s/early 90s and the newer stuff. Right now this is my absolute favorite. The classic EBM bass line, the typical f242 perc, sampling and of course, those amazing vocals. ”


Blue Mathue – Perfect Pictures

O/E says”
“Norwegian synthpop from 1983, released on Uniton Records. Classic track featuring members of Clockwork Orange.”


Roladex – Cathode Rays

O/E says:
“Great track from the 2014 release ‘Roladex – Anthems for the Microage’. A moremelodic part of the growing new wave of minimal wave. Good to hear a ‘correct’ way of using classic analog synthesisers in a modern release. Check out the label Medical Records (funfact: which is run by a actual doctor),based in Seattle.”