Dortmund – Det Gode Selskab DJ Profile mix

Det Gode Selskab are back with their acclaimed mix series and Dortmund have the honour of bringing the series out of hiatus, with  Karl Fraunhofer and Florian Grisard reviving their Techno-leaning project for the occasion. After the nostalgic charm of the Out-Run-inspired Santa Cruz, Fraunhofer returns to Dortmund, to pick up where he and Grisard left off with last year’s HELLE FARBEN, released as part of Ploink’s 96-16 #3 compilation. Featuring little in the way of pandering, Dortmund go from the melodic simplicity of Tech House to the gregarious Techno that dwells down in concrete basements. A couple of the best moments are Iron’s acid workout A.C.D and Head High’s heavy House hitter, “It’s a Love thing”, two peaks in a mix that goes through the entire spectrum of dynamic ranges and moods of the more uncompromising corners of the Techno and House genres.

* Det Gode Selskab are back this Sunday for their weekly residency.