Øyvind Morken’s Jungelerotikk / External Processing now available on Bandcamp

Øyvind Morken’s 2015 primal voyeuristic adventure, Jungelerotikk / External Processing is no longer the prized exclusivity of the international DJ community. Released on limited edition 7″ on Morken’s Moonlighting imprint, Jungelerotikk / External Processing was the privy of DJs and collectors alike, a shinning gem of a needle in a haystack that was just a little too good to keep to themselves. As rumour spread about Morken’s jungle adventurous so did the demand and a repress was certainly on the cards. After a lengthy to and fro with the pressing plant it was determined, for whatever reason (but most likely the dubplate was lost), that Øyvind Morken’s debut on Moonlighting would be resigned to the eternal Balearic and House archives and possibly lost forever. But alas, it is a digital world we live in and Øyvind Morken, as label head has made the decision to release Jungelerotikk / External Processing digitally for the first time. Both tracks are available on Øyvind Morken’s Bandcamp page and now you too can enjoy the resplendent sound of monkeys mating in the wild to a downtempo percussive groove.