Hear Luca Lozano and Telephones go back to back on Four the Freqs

This mix with Luca Lozano and Telephones brings the past and the future together into the present for Jæger. With Luca Lozano’s set from Christmas still fresh in our memory and Telephones joining Øyvind Morken for his first Untzdag back this week, it’s like the two timelines have crossed each other’s path to bring us this very special mix. Telephones joins Luca Lozano from his Berlin Community Radio slot, For the Freq’s with the two personalities egging the other on, digging deeper and deeper through the underworld of dance music. They laid down a set that goes from soulful Jazz to quirky Greek synth-pop, in the space of 30 minutes, before moving on through the annals of disco, house and acid, each DJ laying emphasis on the eclectic and the rare throughout their set. If ever there was a set that could explain what a Wednesday sounds like at Jæger, this one comes pretty close to setting the mood for the early part of the evening.