Hear Prins Thomas’ Principe Del Norte

Billed as on ode to late-90’s ambient music, Prins Thomas’ fourth album, Principe Del Norte sees the Norwegian producer avoiding the percussive beat in favour of creating cosmically cinematic environments. Streaming now via NPR the album is built around swirling textures through synthesised counterpoint, forged in the icy layers of synthesisers and spacey reverbs of distant delays that chime in the the repetitive nature of minimalism. It’s Prins Thomas like you’ve never heard him before, but yet there’s something intrinsically familiar to the music, that draws a direct correlation to his first releases alongside Lindstrøm. It’s quite an album on first listen and Thomas and Smalltown Supersound, have been kind enough to give us a sneak peak at it before it hits the shelves on the 19th of February. Look out for a future feature with the artist here… that is if we get our way.