Listen back to Olav Brekke Mathisen & Sideshow Jøgge (Live)

Echoes from the past are brought to life again as Olav Brekke Mathisen and Sideshow Jøgge call on “hits and sketches” from 1999 to the present in this live recorded mix from March at Hubba Bubba Klubb. The mix, recorded back when the year was still merely in bloom, comes from a much simpler time –  at the cusp of a new summer full of optimism; the idea of a president Trump as ridiculous at still sounds; and so many more talented musicians than we are left with at the end of 2016.

Olav and Sideshow take us even further back as they skate through their musical biography from the days of “Vi Drar!” and “Elektromotor” up to the present, touching on elements of Disco, Boogie and House in one large smelting pot of dance music.