Mix of the Week: Perel

A varied, energetic body music mix from Perel finds its way to us today via Deep House Amsterdam. Incorporating elements of synthy nu disco, EBM and house in this mix, Perel offers a captivating mix for the Dutch blog. 2/4 kick-snare arrangements underpin the mix with tracks that offer arrangements rather than functional loops, which Perel strings along in a very comprehensive mix. From Âme to Schwefelgelb and then to Butch le Butch le Strange’s remix of Fade to Grey,  Perel finds unlikely connections between disparate corners of the musical universe, with a specific energy tying the tracks together.

Following the release of her debut album “Hermetica” on DFA this year, this mix suggests that Perel’s change in direction in the studio is accompanied by a change of direction in the booth too. A regular visitor to Jæger as part of Vinny Vilbass’ Badabing residency, the last time we saw Perel it was in the context of a live set and we look forward to a return visit from the artist, perhaps in the context of a DJ set.

Find the full track-list here and you can read more about Perel in our last interview with the artist here.