Tune in to Ivaylo on P3 tonight

Ivaylo, resident Jæger Mix DJ and Bogota records boss will be on Ruben’s P3 show tonight.

Recording a guest mix for the popular P3 radio show, Ivaylo turns in a mini mix for Ruben, going live at 20:15 tonight.

“It is 30 min mix with all my own productions”, says Ivaylo “where only the first track on the mix was released last year on Bogota, the rest is only unreleased music (which comes out on different labels threw the year).”

Ivaylo is currently in the studio prepping some tracks for various releases this year, some of which are heading towards a new direction for the Bogota records boss, producer and DJ.

Ivaylo is back this Sunday with the Jæger Mix and you can tune into the show here.