Mix of the Week – Kelly Lee Owens

Last year, an effort to bring Kelly Lee Owens over to Jæger had to be re-scheduled to a later date due to unforeseen circumstances. We’re patient however and while we wait for a date to be confirmed, we found some constellation the DJ’s latest contribution to the Fact Mag Mix series.

Kelly Lee Owens offers a dynamic twist on the bubbling synthetic sound that underpins her own sound, with beat-less tracks from Helena Hauff and Floating points intersecting 909 and 303 stripped-back rhythm tools from the likes of New York Transit Authority.

She segues between tracks like the course of a night compressed into a mere 40 minutes, truncating every high-energy moment with a more reserved, somber contrast. It has satiated our previously unquenched hankering for the artist and DJ and will have to see us over till we finally get to hear Kelly Lee Owens in our booth.