Mix of the week – Kompressorkanonen

Kompressorkanonen (Orjan Sletner) has forgotten more about music than we could ever fit onto a record shelf. A true underground hero in the Oslo underground scene and a Discogs personality (yes they exist), Kompressorkanonen has been inspiring DJs and promoting electronic music in the city since Goa Trance. His record selection spans the known electronic music universe with a special tribute to one of the most exciting eras of electronic music, the nineties.

“My memory starts getting hazy beyond 2000” he once told me and he’d rather sacrifice any memory beyond, than lose what he has on the ninetiess and the music from that era. Here he delivers a Trushmix to that effect. “Chopped up rave techno, breaks beats, glitchy sounds, fast cuts and those samples cut in a way we don’t hear much in these days dance music” is how the guys at Trushmix describe it. The energy in this mix is infectious and resolute and we can’t stop listening to it.

Kompressorkanonen doesn’t pander and digs deep through that immense library of nineties music to deliver a setlist of forgotten and unknown gems for this mix.