Chaos in the CBD – live form Frædag

It’s fair to say Chaos in the CBD lived up to their name when they arrived in Oslo on the 10th of May 2022. By the time the brothers Helliker-Hales landed in the booth at Jaeger, a ceiling had caved in on another dance floor down the road and by the time they reached the middle of their set, there was a sense of reckless abandon on the dance floor. Images from the night show an audience reciprocating en masse on a night that is still seared into our collective memory today and brings back all kinds of memories as we share a portion of their mix with you.

Chaos in the CBD have become a touchstone for a new generation of fans arriving at House music and old heads alike. Their music and label, “In dust we trust” continues to honour the origins of House music with an affinity for the deeper end of the spectrum on the vinyl format.  As DJs their enthusiasm for the energy and dynamic range of the dance floor is unparalleled for their generation. Their social media accounts and interviews show a pair of DJs that get as much a thrill out of playing as their audience gets from dancing to it, with a pretext based on a serious admiration for the skills that go into a record.

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