Skatebård – Live from Frædag

After years of waiting and pleading and hoping, Skatebård’s seminal track “Conga” was finally repressed on the 12″ format. Sex Tags Mania repressed the 2005 original for the first time in 2019 with prices for the original pressing reaching eye-watering numbers on discogs. Don’t worry though your investment is safe if you bought the original since the new version contains a different remix, but even though that track has played an instrumental role in sky-rocketing the career of Bård Aasen Lødemel, it was only on the merits of his skills and his sets that he has become such a fundamental figure in the booth today.

A regular fixture at Jaeger  Skatebård joined us again two weeks ago, channeling that jovial Skatebård spirit through a pair of decks and a mixer. On this occasion our basement set the scene and the mighty sound system projected that infectious enigma that is a Skatebård set at Jaeger.

Cruising on the cosmic waves that permeated in the wake of Disco, Skatebård’s Friday night set traversed the planets on a propulsion of analogue synthesisers and drum machines. Occupying the booth for two hours, Skatebård travelled from eighties synthwave, through 90s breakbeat House and early Trance in a set that spanned a great expanse of electronic music, channeled through the DJ’s inquisitive and unique musical assemblages. An extroverted set, Skatebård clearly had his sights set on a high-energy dance floor with set that will leaving you bouncing in your seat as you listen back to the recording today.