Skatebård – Live at Frædag

Listen back to a live recording from our booth with Skatebård. A week ago the Norwegian DJ stopped off at g-HA & Olanskii’s Frædag and laid down an eclectic, energetic mix in the only way he can. 2 hours of pure Skatebård ensues, with elements of House, Disco and Balearic milling around energetic 4-4 beats.

There’s a stark correlation to his own work, and even when he is not playing something from his own extensive back catalogue of original material, remixes and edits, the music is transported to the vast reaches of the cosmic realm on a bed of eighties synthesisers and galloping sequences.

Skatebård’s transitions from one tracks to the next are a marvel to behold, and going from synthetic Disco, to Synth Wave to nu-disco, there’s a very eccentric and idiosyncratic thread weaving itself through the entire set. It’s the perfect start to the weekend.

*Frædag is back tonight with Jayda G and James Lavelle