JM#130 – g-HA

g-HA is back at the Jæger mix.  The Frædag- and Sunkissed resident launches into his freshly-recorded set from the lukewarm temperatures of dub with electronic incarnations eddying around the rhythm section like incandescent, bionic fireflies. While the rhythm section moves on from dub, half-time signatures into the familiar four-four of foundations of House, the looping infrastructure and deep crescent waves of subs remain steadfast as g-HA takes a nascent dance floor into the early Sunday evening.

g-HA is an inimitable stalwart of Oslo’s DJ scene who has carved out a niche sound today in the booth through elements of House, Micro, Techno and Disco. Alongside Olanskii he has established two definitive nights in Oslo in the form of Sunkissed and Frædag, which has brought the musical world to Oslo and exported local talent to international stages. A dedicated following trails g-HA everywhere he goes on Oslo’s Dj circuit and he can go from headlining a night to establishing a dance floor with ease.

In his second appearance for the Jæger mix series, he brings us a bit of both worlds moving between tracks that set primal pulse, but never forgoing the visceral details of an opening set. You can read an in depth interview with g-HA from  our archives here while he plays us out into Wednesday evening.