JM#186 – Christian Engh

Christian Engh is back in the booth. The producer makes a rare appearance in the sauna for the Jaeger mix. He is an elusive figure on Oslo’s DJ circuit, even though his records have found a note-worthy audience beyond Norway. Over the last few years he’s released a triptych of records, that have cemented his prowess in the studio, with a powerful sound that immerses and dominates the dance floor. Through his tenure on Full Pupp, Christian Engh has delivered with tracks like “Ctairs” and “Tingle“amassing plays in their hundreds of thousands across platforms and luring influential listeners like Cynthie and Honey Dijon to his music.

While his music has found new fans, his skills in the DJ booth have remained a well-hidden secret. He rarely plays out and when he does his sets can go from imperious Techno to soul-searching House. In this, his third appearance for the Jaeger mix, he offers a little more of the latter, imbibed with the raw energy of early nineties House that we’ve come to expect from his recorded works.

With tracks from the likes of Patrice Scott to Mood II Swing, Engh brings a soulful dimension to this edition of his Jaeger mix, while jackin’ beats lay the groundwork for the booth. Crisp hi-hats and pads that dig toward deeper frequencies channel archetypal sounds and moods from House music’s nineties aesthetic through mostly contemporary artists. It retains that course and impulsive sound of their predecessors, as Christian Engh masterfully brings these tracks together through his set. He doesn’t deviate even for a moment as the set stays locked in to that sound.

With more records in the same vein arriving soon from the artist, this mix consolidates that sound for Christian Engh and strives to look to the future sounds of House music. You can read an in depth interview with the artist from this summer past here.