JM#197 – Third Attempt

There’s no stopping Third Attempt. As a producer, he continues  garner momentum, releasing records for the likes of Beatservice and Paper Recordings while as a live act he’s been a determinable fixture on Oslo’s stages. It’s not that often we get a chance to see him in the DJ booth these days but for this Jaeger mix he makes the exception.

Delivering a mix as an extension of the sound he creates in the studio and on the stage, Third Attempt offers a deep dive through his musical identity. Elements of funk and soul converge around the meandering pulse of House and syncopated hi-hats, that often dissolve into a broken beat with fragments of vocals echoing in the distance.

Bookended by a couple of EPs the mix comes at a time when Third Attempt is exploring the extent of his creativity as a full time artist and musician. He discusses this era of his career and more in the ensuing interview.

We’re accustomed to hearing live sets from you in the past at Jaeger. Why a DJ mix on this occasion?

I love to produce and perform live, but I’ve always had a great passion for DJing and playing records as well. For me, it’s an entirely different way of approaching music.

Ever since I started my full time journey as a musician, my love of DJing sometimes takes the back seat.  I believe I have a lot to contribute in that area, and I wanted to showcase that part of Third Attempt as well.

There’s still some relevance there in terms of sound to your own productions and the music you play out. Where do those two aspects converge for you and where are they completely different?

These are the roots around my own productions. Presenting the sounds I am into, which right now is music to feel inspired and uplifted by. Soulful stuff. Blending in my own tracks along the way. Similarities in mood, energy and presentation. Big importance in engaging the listeners. 

I feel my approach is unique in the way I am not following the dance-floor recipe. For each track, I’m always trying to tie in storytelling, utilizing different tempos, switching up rhythms and blending different genres.

Through trial and error I’ve become really happy with this evolution in my sound. In this way, I am also managing to stay productive, dodging my big writer’s block fear. (Knock on wood)

What was going through your mind when you were preparing and packing your record bag for this one?

As I talked a bit about above, big importance in engaging the listeners. Which I feel is easy to forget when you’re playing for a dancing audience.

Was the central track here that set the tone for the rest of the mix?

Second track, Aida by Dzihan & Kamien, is setting the mood quite nicely. Very addictive bassline.

The Jaeger mix comes off the back of a few releases for you including one on Paper Recordings. What does the mix reflect about your own influences in terms of the music you’ve released?

Over the years I’ve matured in my playing style as well as my productions. Showing true colours and not always settling for safe routes.

There’s always a good element of soul and funk in your music and it’s here in spades too. What is it about those musical genres that speak to you personally and how does it fit into your purview of House music?

I think it’s hugely beneficial to look back in time and take apart the building blocks of dance music. Along with disco, we can thank those cultures and genres in large part for what eventually would become House music. In that sense, I feel it just makes sense to blend them all together. 

What do you hope the listener gets out of it in the context of the recorded mix?

Good positive boost for both the listeners and the dancers out there

I know you’re always busy with that next release. What’s next on the horizon for Third Attempt in terms of records and music?

Just finished a new 4-track EP, dropping on Beatservice in September. One of the tracks I played in this mix, exclusive stuff!

Next, I am working on an upcoming album. Aiming to release at the end of the year, also on Beatservice Records.