JM#201 – Karolinski

Karolinski  absence was noted. After she opened up our basement just after the pandemic, taking the wall of sound through its paces, there’s been a remix here a live set there, but nothing quite like fervent activity that before the pandemic…. until now that is. In the last few months we’ve seen and heard a bit more from the Bergen DJ and producer.

It seems she’s hit a new stride. After releasing Transatlantis via Full Pupp last month, she’s made regular appearances in our booth again both as a live act and a DJ and on the surface it seems there’s been a shift in her musical approach. The minimal soundscapes that congealed around dub Techno structures remains, but as she moves between elements of Electro, Drum n Bass and Trance she’s expanded much on her sound.

It’s something she relays through her Jaeger mix too. Her return to the series marks this next chapter in her artistic journey with a set that converges around all these different elements with Karolinski’s predilection for dreamy soundscapes ebbing through this mix. Memories of Abnormal Soundscapes peak through as well as flickers of Transatlantis, with this set offering a contrasting listening experience from her last Jaeger Mix visit.

We talk to Karolinski about future projects and some of the new directions her music is taking.

Welcome back to the Jaeger Mix Karoline. The last time we spoke, you just finished remixing a track for Ivaylo, but I know you’re constantly working. What have been some of your own musical highlights since?

Hi! Thank you :) It’s been a while, always nice to be back at Æ <3

I’ve traveled a bit, playing at some festivals and clubs around in Europe, working in a studio in Berlin with a project with Enrica Falqui! Super nice to work with other talented artists in the field. And I made a new studio for myself in Bergen – a city that gives me a lot of inspiration.

There’s a Full Pupp release, Transatlantis, which just came out, but I suspect there’s much more coming soon. Is there anything that you can share with us?

I made two albums which I am releasing this year. I realized I have no time to lose; all the music just needs to get out so I can continue to focus on new projects. So one of them is coming out on Full Pupp, and the other one I’m releasing on my own label; FJORDFJELLOGDALER, which is about to awaken from a deep sleep.

What has changed or evolved in your music between Abnormal Soundscapes and Transatlantis in your opinion?

I’ve played a lot around with different synths during the dead period of the pandemic, as well as I invested in some new gear.. It really paid me off.

Where do you see it taking you next?

Hehe, I have no idea. I am very happy and content with what’s happening right now, so yeah I am just floating.

We’ve become so used to hearing you in the live context, where the music is always an extension of your artistic identity and sound. I know you can’t really have a preference between live and DJing, but what do you enjoy about each one that’s different from the other?

I am very glad I did a lot of livesets during the period of 2019, I think I had well over 60 livesets that year… It was crazy. I just did everything live, and I tried to make a new liveset for each time. So I got really into it, and I used what I had. Now I really appreciate doing dj-sets in between. It’s fun. Both are fun! But carrying your synths around everywhere gets a bit much at times. 

It’s not often we hear you in the mix at Jaeger. How do you try to convey your sound as an artist through something like the Jaeger Mix here?

I did not really plan this set, I tend not to, really. I like to float it. I know my music. Hehe.

This one is really a mixed bag of all-sorts which goes from ratchety breakbeats to tunnel-vision Techno. Did you have any particular theme in mind here?

I guess I am just really into this style at the moment. I make a lot of breakbeat, drum and bass and trance at the moment. 

Was there anything about the crowd on the night that affected the way you played or the tracks that you selected?

Yes, for sure. And the feeling of summer, playing outside in the sauna again. Amazing! 

Do you ever listen to your own recorded mixes and if you listened to this Jaeger Mix now, what do you take away from it, especially considering the experience of playing it at the time?

Hehe yes I will. I’ve always been bad at recording sets, so whenever I do one I’m like “wooow, that’s what it sounds like..” Strange!

That’s all the questions we have, Karoline. Is there anything you’d like to add?

Not really. Thanks for having me! See you during the summer <3