Olanskii (Techno set) – live from Frædag

 g-HA & Olanskii had to divide and conquer when they arrived at a Frædag in April 2022. Their guest of honour was Blawan, whose Techno affiliations precede his reputation. With g-HA taking the head duties in the sauna, it was left to Olanskii to open up the basement ahead of the English DJ and producer, and it required a different approach. Olanskii turned to the dark side, leaving the House and Disco records to their shelves for something a little more aggressive.

Digging through the Detroit and Berlin sections of his record collection he put together a set that with a focus Techno. Armed with a clutch of  records – it’s always vinyl – Olanskii tunnelled deep through a Techno wormhole. Leaving the “bangers” and the dub excursions to one side, our Frædag resident stayed a singular course,  before handing it over to Blawan.

It’s a rare occasion to hear Olanskii on a Techno tip, and we made sure to capture the set. You can hear it today in its entirety, wearing all the pops and crackles of well-worn vinyl like a badge of honour.